Customer FAQs


When will my BOOK of FREE be delivered?
You should receive your package within 5-10 business days normally.

How do I order more than 20 copies of The BOOK of FREE?
Either use the Contact Us form or call Customer Service at 210-253-3451 Ext 3039.

How do I use my certificates?
Certificates must be presented to Merchant at time of use. See the front and back of each certificate for specific terms and conditions that apply.

Where can I purchase the BOOK of FREE?
You can purchase The BOOK of FREE on this website.

Who are the designated charities receiving contributions from The BOOK of FREE and how much of my purchase goes to charity?
A portion of every BOOK of FREE sold online goes to our designated charities. See the Support Charity page for more information.

Is my purchase tax deductible?
A portion of each BOOK of FREE purchased may possibly be deductible. Please consult with your tax preparer.


  Charity FAQs


What is The BOOK of FREE fundraising program?
Created by an entrepreneur with a heart for nonprofits, The BOOK of FREE is a fundraising program in which nonprofits sell gift certificate books and keep a portion of the proceeds. Each BOOK of FREE typically contains up to $1,000-$2,000 in gift certificates providing the buyer FREE dining, entertainment and more! See the Fundraising with the BOOK of FREE page for more information.

How can my school or non-profit participate in the program?
Fill out the enrollment form and email to info@bookoffree.com or fax to (210) 490-5496.

What nonprofits are eligible for this program?
Registered 501(C)3 nonprofits, schools and civic organizations (sports teams, parent-teacher organizations, bands, choirs, etc) can be eligible to participate..

Books of free TM contains 100 certificates for FREE goods and services you need and use every day!