• May12

    The NEW 2014 Women’s Edition BOOK of FREE Goes On-Sale.

    Nnovative Marketing has produced another specialty BOOK of FREE—the 2014 Women’s Edition.  


  • Sep20

    Nnovative Marketing Releases the 2014 BOOK of FREE "Big Book."

    The annual BOOK of FREE “Big Book” went on sale September 20, 2014.  


  • Aug27

    2013 2014 Fun & Entertainment is Here!

    The Fun & Entertainment book went on sale August 26th


  • Jun12

    New! 2013 San Antonio’s Best Restaurants BOOK Of FREE

    A special BOOK of FREE has just been released: the 2013 San Antonio’s BEST Restaurants.


  • Jun7

    Exciting NEW Product Being Launched

    June 2013, San Antonio, Texas….In partnership with local, regional, and national companies, the BOOK of FREE:  San Antonio’s Best Restaurants edition will go on sale June 7th, 2013.


  • May8

    PM Group client, BOOK of FREE and Schlitterbahn Partner to Benefit Area School Children

    Schlitterbahn Waterpark in partnership with PM Group client, BOOK of FREE, raised $12,650 to benefit their charity of choice Communities In Schools of South Central Texas...


  • Oct1

    BOOK of FREE® Goes on Sale with a Goal of Raising Thousands for Local Charities

    The day consumers have been waiting for has finally arrived. The amazing consumer gift certificate book is now available for purchase. The 2013 Edition of the BOOK of FREE allows consumers to get goods and services they buy every day for FREE.


  • Sep26

    City Base Cinema Joins BOOK of FREE® Fundraising Efforts

    City Base Cinema, the newest state of the art theatre in San Antonio, has joined the 2013 BOOK of FREE fundraising effort by offering three FREE movie tickets in the 2013 BOOK of FREE, going on sale October 1


  • Sep18

    BOOK of FREE® Launches a Facebook Giveaway

    What could be better than getting the BOOK of FREE? That would be WINNING a copy of the new 2013 BOOK of FREE edition premiering October 1st!


  • Sep17

    BOOK of FREE® Gives Sneak Peek to Premium Offers in 2013 Book

    On Monday, September 11, Book of Free spokeswoman Fran Yanity unveiled some of the newest, premium offers included in the 2013 Book of Free that goes on sale October 1.


  • Jul27

    BOOK of FREE® Announces Holiday Fundraising Program Call to Charities

    The BOOK of FREE, has announced their call to charities and non-profit groups to participate in this year's holiday fundraising program.


  • Jan30

    First Annual BOOK of FREE Holiday Charity Challenge a Success With More Than $150,000 Donated To Local Charities

    Valero Energy Corporation and Nnovative Marketing Solutions presented a check for $150,531 to local charities during a special ceremony today.


  • Dec6

    BOOK of FREE Featured on Local Morning Shows

    Watch local morning show videos featuring The BOOK of FREE!


  • Nov29

    The BOOK of FREE–the book you use, not read!

    By Blithe Wiley

    Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone? Look no further than this season’s best gift bargain in San Antonio – The BOOK of FREE.

  • Nov7

    A Win-Win-Win Situation

    Written by: Megan Alexander
    Issue: November 2011 | NSIDE Medical

    The oldest of eight children, local businessman Bob Wills grew up in a poor family in Massachusetts. This experience instilled in him a passion for helping others facing difficult times.


  • Oct27

    FREE Shipping Offer Announced

    (San Antonio, Texas)  There’s no need to wait for Free Shipping Friday(December 16th) this holiday season.  The BOOK of FREE is pleased to announce that every day is a FREE shipping day when you order two or more copies of The BOOK of FREE!


  • Oct21

    "Book of Free" is opportunity for many to help nonprofits

    Developed by local agency Nnovative Marketing Solutions, “The Book of Free Holiday Charity Challenge” launches an innovative, seasonal fundraising program on Oct. 31, which Jimenez hopes will benefit local charities and nonprofit organizations in a big way.


  • Oct7

    Veteran ad man Bob Wills launches marketing venture

    W. Scott Bailey, Reporter/Project Coordinator - San Antonio Business Journal

    Bob Wills, founder of San Antonio advertising agency The PM Group, has launched a new company — Nnovative Marketing Solutions.


  • Oct3

    The BOOK of FREE™ Holiday Charity Challenge Launches Website Offering Consumers Free Goods And Services While Benefitting Local Non-Profits

    (SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) San Antonio based Nnovative Marketing Solutions, in partnership with local, regional and national companies, has developed an innovative new approach of seasonal fundraising for local charities, schools and non-profit organizations through the Holiday Charity Challenge featuring The Book of Free.


  • Oct1

    BOOK of FREE™ Launch

    The BOOK of FREE™ is now officially available for sale from October 1 - 31 by charities only. Beginning November 1st, the BOOK of FREE™ will be available for purchase at participating Valero Corner Stores in the San Antonio area and online.